Beyond simple pretty data packaging, contains unique connections to data such as benchmarking results, mashups of disparate, possibly public data sources, calculated and/or composite metrics

Generate insights and guide users to decisions rather than just supply data points.

Are designed with the audience in mind – not just how they will view the information, but how they will interact with it


Interactive exploration of dashboards that can incorporate complex analytics including time series and telemetry data, real-time geo mapping and predictive analytics.


Quickly access and prepare data from all sources including big data, traditional sources, and even multi-structured data like PDF and M2M logs.


Our products are easily able to be used on any Apple product, whether it be the iPad or the iPhone, allowing you to access your data from the other side of world.

Data Intelligence (DI) Over Business Intelligence (BI)

A rigid pre-wired analysis or a traditional dashboard view will restrict the possibilities of what you can uncover in your data. The biggest trap is viewing a pre-determined analysis that someone else built. Don’t let a pre-set dashboard read someone’s mind. Let domain experts and users explore the data with more degrees of freedom.

DataBOTicks enables you to:

  • Tame your sprawling data sources – eliminate data blind spots by accessing and harmonizing your relevant data sources into a meaningful, holistic view.
  • Speed exploration of insights with interactive Data StoryBoards that uncover more meaningful insights.
  • Engage your business stakeholders to drive faster decisions on deeper insights.



Financial Services

Fast, Collaborative research and customer acquisition analysis. Speed and simplify the cycle of research across globally distributed teams, including accessing, merging, analyzing files and a variety of external data sources. See how to leverage DataBOTicks data collaboration across the workflow to deliver research faster, target new customers and speed the path to interactive insights.

    • Speed access to disparate sources – financial data repositories, big data platforms, or even spreadmarts – and gain immediate insights.
    • Perform continuous, intra-day analysis and stay on top of fast moving financial market trends to enable fast and reliable decision-making.
    • Provide lineage and data governance across unmanaged, fragmented data sets to ensure traceability and consistency of insights.